"wouldashouldacoulda", piano compositions by Zane Hrynewich, Saskatoon Mother Tongue pianoi teacher

2020 was a stressful, challenging, overwhelming, and often devastating year for everyone on this planet. For me, it was the beginning of three years of facing stress, heartbreak, health issues, anxiety, and a continuing battle with Long Covid.

Writing music has always been very therapeutic for me, and wouldashouldacoulda is my ongoing attempt to process these events.

The Music



The Inspiration

In My Pain

"In My Pain", an original piano piece, based on an image by Zane Hrynewich
“No matter how many times you say you'll give up with words, if your heart still says "love", there's nothing to be done.”― Io Sakisaka

As Covid quickly enveloped the globe,  it brought not only a threat to our physical health, but also, terrible damage to the mental well-being of so many.

My emotional pain during this time was fed by many sources - the stress of Covid; the worrying about keeping my loved ones safe, while allowing students into my home studio; the stress of "zooming" for countless hours; the impending specter of financial doom; but most of all, the absolute shock of losing someone very, very dear to me, in a sudden and completely unanticipated way.

The piece, "In My Pain" is my musical reaction to some of the darkest days in my life.