"Spirits", original album art by Zane Hrynewich, for his collection of pieces dedicated to friends and family who have passed.

On a wall in my bedroom, there are three photos entitled “Jo Jo”, “Chris” and “June 19”. These images are my way of paying homage to four people who are no longer with us in body, but still live on in spirit. 

The title track is based my ever-increasing fascination with eternity. It is not meant to reflect fear or dread, rather, curiosity and cautious anticipation. It is fueled by the hope that one day, all of us will truly “Rest in Peace”.

The Music



The Inspiration


"Jo Jo", original image of a Lady Slipper by Zane Hrynewich, for a composition dedicated to his friend Joanne.

The Lady’s Slipper, (Cypripedium, Greek for “Venus’s slipper,”) is a rare wild orchid native to North America. Also called “Indian Moccasin” it can take 10 to 17 years for one to bloom in the wild. 

Like the Lady Slipper, JoJo was also rare. She was always ready to give, without expecting any reciprocation. She had a profound impact on all who knew her. 

Jo Jo and my wife, Velda were the poster children for the axiom “sisters from another mother”. Together, they embodied almost every cliché about close friendship. 

Tragically and suddenly, Jo Jo was snatched away from us by cancer. Her battle was short, but her spirit was always strong. I will always admire the way Jo Jo dealt with her illness. It was as if she wrapped herself in a blanket of calm acceptance. 

Jo Jo graced our lives with her smile, her kindness, her laughter, and her gracious, gentle soul. 

Thank you, Jo Jo….. Thank you SO MUCH!