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Tal Wilkenfeld is an Australian bassist, singer, and songwriter known for her exceptional skill on the bass guitar. Born on December 2, 1986, in Sydney, Australia, she gained international recognition for her work with various renowned musicians. Here's an overview of Tal Wilkenfeld's career:

Early Career:

Introduction to Music:
Tal Wilkenfeld started playing guitar at the age of 14 and soon switched to the bass guitar.

Move to the United States:
At 16, she moved to the United States to attend the Los Angeles Music Academy.

Career Highlights:

Jeff Beck Collaboration:
One of the significant points in her career was her collaboration with legendary guitarist Jeff Beck. She joined the Jeff Beck Band in 2007, showcasing her extraordinary bass skills.

Solo Career:
Wilkenfeld has pursued a solo career, releasing her debut instrumental album, "Transformation," in 2007.

Session Work:
She has worked as a session musician, contributing her bass talents to recordings by various artists, including Herbie Hancock, Prince, The Allman Brothers Band, and Ryan Adams.

Jeff Beck Collaboration:

Live Performances:
Tal Wilkenfeld's performances with Jeff Beck were widely praised for her technical prowess and ability to hold her own on stage with a guitar virtuoso.

She participated in the recording of Jeff Beck's studio album "Emotion & Commotion" (2010) and the live album "Live +" (2015).

Solo Album:

"Love Remains" (2019):
Tal Wilkenfeld released her first vocal album, "Love Remains," in 2019, showcasing not only her bass skills but also her songwriting and singing abilities.

Style and Influences:

Bass Technique:
Wilkenfeld is recognized for her virtuosic and melodic approach to playing the bass guitar.

Her playing style is versatile, allowing her to adapt to various genres, including rock, jazz, and blues.

Recognition and Awards:

Bass Player Magazine Award:
In 2008, Tal Wilkenfeld received the Bass Player Magazine Young Gun Award.

Tal Wilkenfeld has carved a niche for herself in the music industry, not only for her technical proficiency on the bass but also for her abilities as a singer and songwriter. Her collaborations with renowned musicians and her solo work have showcased her as a multifaceted artist with a unique musical voice. Tal's contributions to the world of bass guitar have earned her respect among both fellow musicians and fans alike.